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Self-care from head to soul.





Ele & Ivy Tea Company (Ele pronounced el-EE like elephant) was created by native Memphians, Deidra Brooks and Lauren Williams-Batiste, to bring balance and stability into the lives of those who tirelessly pour their time, talent, and resources into the lives of others and into the community. Their total body tea, OMM Tea, promotes balance, focus, self-love, and bliss. It's perfect for sipping, bathing, body steaming, and smoking cessation. OMM Tea injects a blissful moment of self-care into each day!


Balance and stability.





By day, Deidra and Lauren are community organizers for grassroots organizations that advocate for transformative justice through a human-rights framework in Memphis, TN. They created Ele & Ivy Tea Company to bring balance and stability into their own lives. It began with weekly meetings over tea, to counsel one another. The tradition they created allowed them to pour back into themselves and create a self-care routine that was simple and effective. When they found their cups overflowing, they knew it was time to share this with the community.

In November of 2016, they became first-time entrepreneurs- launching their tea shop on Etsy. They look forward to growing into savvy business owners who contribute to the minority business market and overall sector in a meaningful way. They aim to serve Memphis and, one day, the entire world with a full line of total body teas that help us all get closer to complete happiness and health through self-care and care for others.


Blended with love. 


Sipping tea

  • Measure approximately 2tsp/8 oz of boiling water
  • Steep for 5 to 7 minutes
  • Breathe in the aroma
  • Recite Mantra, Meditation, and/or Prayer
  • Sip and Enjoy

Soaking Tea

  • Pour 1/2 or 1 whole vial into muslin bag
  • Toss into hot bath
  • Relax
  • Recite Self-Care Mantra, Meditation, and/or Prayer
  • Practice Visualization and Mindfulness

Smoking Tea

  • Roll Loose-Leaf Tea; or
  • Pack Pipe and Vaporizer
  • Light
  • Inhale Positivity, Love, and Gratitude
  • Exhale Negativity, Anxiety, and Fear